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I help children around the world take their first steps towards learning English and lay the foundations for their future success.

Future Success

Your child will be able to use the basics of a foreign language, understand 1.5 billion English-speaking people, use technology with ease in the future, continue further language skills, boost cross-cultural friendships and build self- confidence.


Your child will learn 5 essential skills: letter sounds, spelling, writing, reading and basic conversation through lessons that are designed in the most powerful way to achieve impressive learning results.


Classes are held online with in a virtual classroom. Group class last 30 minutes, 3 times per week. Regardless of student location, nationality or social background all children are welcome in my classroom. Start with a FREE TRIAL LESSON today!

About me

Hello dear parents!

I'm Alex, a person who wants to plant the seed of the global language in your children's mind. Everything your child will learn here is exclusively created by my personal experience working with children around the world (USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia) with over 10.000 hours of teaching at school and online.

ESL Teacher with 6 years teaching experience

TEFL School Level 5 140 hour course

Jolly Phonics-CPD College

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